Engineering Cures for Autoimmune Diseases.

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Tr1X is developing a novel class of regulatory T cell-based products to cure autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and transform patient lives.

About Us

Company Overview

Tr1X (pr. “Trix”) - developing  therapies to restore homeostasis.

Our novel regulatory T cell-based therapeutics are designed to mimic the function of naturally occurring Type 1 regulatory T (Tr1) cells, an important subset of regulatory cells. Our products work to restore immune tolerance, stopping severe autoimmune and inflammatory diseases in their tracks.

The Science

An approach to cellular therapies for immune diseases that scales.

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We are combining the latest advances in genetic engineering with decades of T cell biology research to develop scalable, effective cellular therapies targeting inflammation and autoimmunity.

Our Programs

Targeted & Localized Immune Suppression


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Our cells produce suppressive cytokines in local microenvironments, while preserving protective immune responses.


High Stability, Low Plasticity


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Our cells are stable and long lived, even in inflammatory environments.


Induction of De-novo Tregs


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Our cells migrate to sites of inflammation, modulating effector cell responses and inducing de-novo Tr1 cells.



Relentlessly dedicated to improving the lives of patients.

We are pursuing breakthrough innovation in the spaces of autoimmunity and inflammation with a world-class team aiming to change the way devastating diseases are treated.

Our Team


Passion Driven,
Mission Focused.

We strive to create a collaborative, diverse environment to bring the best out of one another. We are committed to our goals, and to one another, while making sure we enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

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